Eyelash Extensions

"Improve your selfies"


At Lash & Brow Exclusive we cater to the more natural looking enhancements, this includes our eyelash extensions. We use only the highest quality synthetic silk lashes to create our signature full but natural looking effect. Eyelash extensions should feel weightless and cause no irritation or discomfort. They can be applied to look as natural or glamorous as you desire, depending on the health & strength of your natural lashes. As specialists in the latest lash technology, we carefully select the individual lash length, curl, thickness and volume to suit your eye shape and create your desired overall result, whilst ensuring the health of your natural lash is never compromised. You are in safe hands with your lash stylist being highly qualified and award winning in advanced Russian volume lash artistry.


Lash Extension Patch Test & Consultation | 20 min | Complimentary

For ladies that have never had eyelash extensions and would like to eliminate the risk of allergic reactions and to discuss in depth the lash extension styling best suited to you. Please arrive with no eye make-up on.

Classic Extensions - Full Set | 90 mins | $149

The most subtle, natural looking lash extensions. We recommend this style for those blessed with a very full natural lash line that just want more length. A single extension is applied to every natural lash, from the outer edge to the inner corner of the eye.
Classic Lash Fills from $65
(longer then 3 weeks will require a full set if less than 40% of extensions are on)

Hybrid Extensions - Full Set | 90min | $175

Not sure if you want Classic or Volume lashes?....Hybrid lashes are a mix of single and volume lashes which give a fuller look then classic lashes but with a wispy effect.
Hyrbrid Lash Fills from $65
(longer then 3 weeks will require a full set if less than 40% of extensions are on)

Soft Volume Extensions - Full Set | 2hrs | $189

(Our most popular lash service)
The next level up from Hybrid lashes with Russian Volume Lashes. 2-4 fine lash extensions applied to a single natural lash. This will give you a more glamorous everyday look with a fabulous full and fluffy lash line, perfect for those with a sparse lash line that needs added fullness and length.
2-3D Volume Lash Fills from $69
(longer then 3 weeks will require a full set if less than 40% of extensions are on)

Lash Recovery Program | 1hr | $120

If you’ve been the victim of a bad lash extension application, this program is just for you! Unfortunately, the art or Eyelash Extensions has become an in-demand service which has resulted in the industry being flooded with under qualified people applying poor work to clients. Eyelash extensions should never feel uncomfortable or painful.
Depending on your current lash situation this appointment will include: - lash extension removal - Nourishing oil treatment and tint - Take home treatment oil or mascara - Lash plan to reintroduce safe lash extensions or a lift and tint treatment.

Removal | 15-30min | $40

Eyelash extensions can easily and safely be removed via our soak off method. Gentle and quick