Lip Blush Tattoo

"Smudge proof lips"

Lip Header Pink.jpg

Seen too many "duck faces" to take the plunge on lip filler?...... Let me introduce you to ‘Lip Blush Tattoo’- Think a daily wash of lipstick that never wipes off, come coffee or high water.

Each shade is customised to enhance your lip colour, I work with you to create your perfect custom shade. It's suitable for all skin tones, lasting on average 1-2 years. This treatment is perfect for those suffering from pale or patchy lips, or simply those who are sick of re-applying lippy every hour, or who worry about wearing their lipstick everywhere else but their lips!!

By deepening the colour of your lips, you're essentially creating a fuller, healthier and more youthful looking lip.


Lip Blush Tattoo is a three step process -
Consult, Initial Procedure & Touch Up

Consultation and Patch Test

| 30 min | $30 |
Your artist will go over what to expect during the procedure and what is required for your prep & aftercare so we can make sure you are a suitable candidate for the treatment and achieve the best result, this is the perfect time to ask any other questions you may have.

Lip Blush Initial

| 3 hrs |
Hello juicy new lips….The treatment begins with numbing the area whilst we chat colours and design. Most people fall asleep during this treatment as it can be surprisingly relaxing. You can expect some mild swelling post treatment and a bright full coverage colour which once gone through the initial healing process they will be a softly coloured lip that looks just like yours did but better.

The Touch Up

| 90 mins |
Your final appointment is 6 weeks after the initial procedure. This is a final perfection appointment to make any minor touch ups. The touch up appointment is essential so that your artist can perfect the result which will then go on to last 1-3 years.

Payment Plan

The cost of the treatment is $650
this is inclusive of the touch up appointment six weeks after the initial treatment, your numbing cream and after care pack packs. The cost is split over three payments as follows:
$100 deposit at the time of booking
$350 at the first treatment
$200 at the touch up treatment 6 weeks later.
AfterPay & ZipPay are also available.

Payment Methods