The Burleigh Brow

"Our signature Brow Tattoo"

Burleigh Brow.png

Our signature brow tattoo – combining two techniques to give you that perfect ‘natural’ but not natural looking brow. This technique has become the most popular among a variety of clients due to its compatibility for all skin types and lasting results.  
Fine Individual hair strokes in the fronts of the brows, blending softly into a misty shaded arch and tail to create a perfectly groomed brow 24/7


The Burleigh Brow is a three step process -
Consult, Initial Procedure & Touch Up

Consultation and Patch Test

| 30 min | $30 |
Your artist will go over what to expect during the procedure and what is required for your aftercare so we can make sure you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. This is the perfect time to ask any other questions you may have. If you usually fill/draw on your brows please attend the appointment with them done so I can see how you usually wear your brows. We want our guests to be 100% comfortable & confident before going ahead, so you will be informed with all the appropriate information regarding the treatment to give you real expectations of what can be achieved. We will also carry out an allergy patch test behind your ear to eliminate the risk of possible allergic reactions.

Burleigh Brow Initial

| 3 hrs |
This is where the magic happens! We will re-discuss your consult choices, then commence free hand drawing your new brow shape, after perfecting this new shape with you we then begin the procedure. Upon the big reveal of your newly designed brows, you will be equipped with the essential after care information and products……prepare yourself for an afternoon of selfies and staring into the mirror, you will be in awe of them!

The Touch Up

| 90 mins |
Your final appointment is 6 weeks after the initial procedure. This is a final perfection appointment to make any minor touch ups. As we would have already discussed in your consult, you can lose pigment in some areas of the brow as your body takes on the healing process. The touch up appointment is essential so that your artist can perfect the result which will then go on to last 1-2 years. Includes a brow tidy and aftercare kit.

Payment Plan

The cost of the treatment is $895
this is inclusive of the touch up appointment six weeks after the initial treatment, your numbing cream and after care pack packs. The cost is split over three payments as follows:
$100 deposit at the time of booking
$595 at the first treatment
$200 at the touch up treatment 6 weeks later.
AfterPay & ZipPay are also available.

Payment Methods

Annual Touch Up

| 2hrs | $350 | AfterPay & ZipPay Available
A 12-16 month colour refresh - Keeps the hair strokes defined and full. This procedure must be within 12-16 months of your initial treatment to be eligible as a Touch Up. (over 16 months will be priced after a consultation). Includes a brow tidy and aftercare kit. For exisiting L&B Exclusive tattoo clients only.